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Some Client Comments:
Thanks for the slides you did. I've had a great two weeks photoshopping memories of trips and the kids. I'd had a few slides digitised before and have been a little disappointed, but yours have been exceptional.
Brian, Hawkes Bay

Photofresh provided an excellent service. My colour slides were 50 years old and needed quite a bit of work. The scanned images produced were very good and I, and my sisters, are truly grateful.
Elisabeth, Auckland

Just want to let you know that I'm very happy with how the slides have come up - very clear. Thank you for a really good job well done for me.
Joy, Auckland


Film Formats

There are a wide variety of film formats so to assist you determine what type of film you have, we’ve put together the following information relating to the various film formats that we are able to scan.

Mounted Slides  

Slides are usually mounted in 2 inch square mounts, of either cardboard (usually Kodak Kodachrome/Ektachrome), plastic (Agfa and Fuji) as well as older style glass mounts. Slides in card or plastic mounts can be scanned directly but for glass mounted slides, it may be necessary to remove the slide from the mount for scanning. We are also able to scan slides in 1 inch square mounts.

35mm (135) Slides
This is the most popular format. The viewable area is approximately 34mm x 23mm. Also available are 35mm half-frame, where the film size is half the normal 35mm size.

126 ‘Instamatic’ Slides
The viewable area is approximately 26.5mm x 26.5mm. Due to the scanner aperture height size (25mm), some minor cropping may occur top and bottom.

127 Slides
The 127 'super slide' has a viewable area approximately 40mm x 40mm. Please note that some cropping of the image will occur due to the scanner aperture size being smaller than the film area.

110 ‘Instamatic’ Slides
The viewable area is approximately 16mm x 12mm. The small size of 110 format makes them more difficult to scan.

35mm (135) Format
This is the standard 35mm filmstrip that contains usually between 4 to 6 36mm x 24mm frames. The frame number is printed on the top and/or bottom of the frame. This is the most popular negative format.

126 ‘Instamatic’ Format
The 126 format filmstrip contains (usually) 4 28mm x 28mm frames. The frame number is printed along the bottom of the frame. 126 film is the same width as 35mm film so can be confused with 35mm. The major difference is that 35mm has 2 rows of sprocket holes (top and bottom) whilst 126 has only one (bottom). 126 film came in cartridges for easy loading. Due to the scanner aperture height size (25mm), some minor cropping may occur top and bottom.

110 ‘Instamatic’ Format
The 110 format filmstrip contains (usually) 4 13mm x 17mm frames. The film is 16mm wide and came in cartridges, similar to 126 film, for easy loading. The small size of 110 format makes them more difficult to scan.

APS Format
The key feature of the APS format is that the film is contained within the cartridge, even after processing. APS negative film came in both black and white and colour and each cartridge typically contained 15, 25, or 40 frames. Each frame is 30.2mm x 16.7mm in size. For scanning, the cartridge needs to be opened to access the filmstrip.

120 Medium Format
120 Medium Format film is much larger than the 35mm, 126 and 110 formats above and is used more by professional photographers. It has a range of frame sizes including 6x4.5cm, 6x6cm, 6x7cm, 6x8cm and 6x9cm. The film comes on a roll. Also known as 220 and 620 format, with the difference being the number of exposures per roll. We are able to scan individual frames or strips of up to 3 frames per strip.

Large Format
The most common large format film size is 4x5 inch. We can scan all sizes of large format film up to 8x10 inch.