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Photo Scanning
Preserve your old photos and bring them
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Photo Restoration
Restore your photos to their former glory.
Repair the effects of damage and decay.
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Some Client Comments:
Thanks for the slides you did. I've had a great two weeks photoshopping memories of trips and the kids. I'd had a few slides digitised before and have been a little disappointed, but yours have been exceptional.
Brian, Hawkes Bay

Photofresh provided an excellent service. My colour slides were 50 years old and needed quite a bit of work. The scanned images produced were very good and I, and my sisters, are truly grateful.
Elisabeth, Auckland

Just want to let you know that I'm very happy with how the slides have come up - very clear. Thank you for a really good job well done for me.
Joy, Auckland


Photo Restoration

We all want to know and record our family heritage and photographs are one of the best ways of doing this. Photos are one of the most valuable gifts that we can have between generations but sadly time takes its toll and photos get damaged with age.

Photofresh can restore these valuable memories to their former glory and at the same time, bring them into the digital age.

We'll scan the original photograph and then enhance the digital image to restore fading and colours, as well as the repair of scratches, cracks, rips and stains. Note that we do not perform any work on the original photo.

We'll provide you with an A4 size photographic print and a copy of the digital image in JPEG format on CD as part of the price package.

As each restoration is individual and unique, the cost will vary depending on the time we will need to spend on the restoration and the amount of work required, as follows:

Light Photo Restoration

  • Remove minor stains, dust and scratches
  • Repair minor cracks, creases and tears
  • Repair slight fading and discolouration
  • Remove 'red-eye' - for colour images only
  • From $60


Medium Photo Restoration

  • As above, plus
  • Remove moderate stains, dust and scratches
  • Remove moderate scratches or tears
  • Repair damaged and/or missing edges
  • Repair moderate fading and discolouration
  • Repair moderate water damage
  • Repair creases and partially torn photos (no missing pieces)
  • Repair backgrounds
  • From $80


Heavy Photo Restoration

  • As above, plus
  • Remove severe stains, dust and scratches
  • Repair severely damaged edges
  • Repair creases and torn photos
  • Repair severe discolouration and fading
  • Reconstruct missing pieces
  • Repair or add backgrounds
  • Reconstruct facial damage
  • From $100

Note: pricing includes Photo restoration work, digital image on CD, A4 size glossy photo print and return nationwide postage

The final result of the restoration will depend upon the condition of the original photograph. You will be surprised at the amount of improvement and damage repair we can make to your original photos using our specialist scanning equipment, software and our expertise.

You need to allow between 2 -3 weeks for a photo restoration to be completed. This may vary depending on our workload at the time and the complexity of the restoration required.

Here's an example of our restoration work:

original before restoration
original before restoration
after restoration
after restoration

Satisfaction Guarantee

We're proud of what we do and we believe that you'll be happy with the results we produce. Specific results will vary based on the quality of the original photo but we're confident that we produce consistently high standards and stand by our work. If, however, you're not happy with the outcome, we'll work with you to resolve the problem.


Ordering is simple. You can place an order by downloading and printing our Restoration Order Form, and send us your photo/s with your completed order form attached. Please see the How It Works page for more information.