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Photo Scanning
Preserve your old photos and bring them
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Photo Restoration
Restore your photos to their former glory.
Repair the effects of damage and decay.
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Some Client Comments:
Thanks for the slides you did. I've had a great two weeks photoshopping memories of trips and the kids. I'd had a few slides digitised before and have been a little disappointed, but yours have been exceptional.
Brian, Hawkes Bay

Photofresh provided an excellent service. My colour slides were 50 years old and needed quite a bit of work. The scanned images produced were very good and I, and my sisters, are truly grateful.
Elisabeth, Auckland

Just want to let you know that I'm very happy with how the slides have come up - very clear. Thank you for a really good job well done for me.
Joy, Auckland


Photo Scanning

Don't let your old photos fade away. Preserve them with our photo scanning service and give them new life!

Scanning Service and Digital Enhancement

We can scan most types of photos, including black and white, colour and sepia toned, new and old, from passport size up to 8 x 10 inches or A4 equivalent. We prefer loose photos but we are also able to accommodate the scanning of photos still mounted in albums. This is because it can sometimes cause damage to the photo attempting to remove it from the album. A small surcharge applies for scanning photos in albums. We also offer a photo restoration service to repair damaged photos.

Our premier specialist scanning service includes digital image enhancement as standard. Our digital enhancement processes have been especially developed to ensure optimal quality of the scanned digital images.

As the original photo colours can fade and degrade over time and may have been under or over exposed at the time, we individually adjust each image for colour balance and correct the exposure to produce a digital image that can produce improved results on the original to provide a colourful and vibrant digital image.

In addition, we apply digital cleaning to remove dust blemishes, etc to produce a clean scanned image.

Each scanned image is individually processed and optimised. We strive to deliver high quality at a reasonable price, quality that only a specialist scanning service can achieve.

The digital enhancement process includes:

  • Pre-scan physical clean (to remove loose dust, etc)
  • Image orientation and cropping
  • Grain reduction
  • Exposure and levels adjustment (for over and under exposure correction)
  • Colour adjustment and correction
  • Tonal and brightness/vibrance adjustment (image highlights and shadows)
  • 'Digital cleaning' (removal of minor blemishes, dust and scratches)* surcharge applies for heavily soiled images requiring additional digital cleaning

See the examples below for examples of our digital image enhancement process.

original under exposed
original under exposed
corrected exposure
adjusted exposure
original colours
original colours
corrected colours
adjusted colours


Digital Cleaning - Dust and Scratch Removal

Because of the scanning resolutions involved, any blemishes on the photo surface such as dust and minor scratches will be magnified and can show up on the scanned image as highly visible blemishes.

To counteract this, we use dust and scratch removal technology as part of the scanning process, followed by further blemish removal by retouching the scanned digital image in Photoshop. This combined process produces an exceptionally clean digital image essentially free of blemishes and marks that detract from the overall appearance of the image.

Please note that the final result will depend upon the condition of the original photo and that a surcharge applies for heavily soiled photos requiring additional digitial cleaning.

The following images highlight the difference between scans with and without the Digital Cleaning process applied.

With Digital Cleaning
with Digital Cleaning
Without Digital Cleaning
without Digital Cleaning


Scanning Resolution

We offer 2 scanning resolutions:

  • standard scans at 450 DPI
  • high resolution scans at 900 DPI

Which resolution you choose depends on how you wish to use the digital images.

For most applications, such as viewing, printing standard size photos, sharing online or by email, the standard resolution is fine. If you wish to make print enlargements or crop the images to fine detail, then the high resolution is more suitable.

With the higher resolution, more details are included in the digital image. This makes the digital image larger in both dimensions (pixels) and file size. As high resolution scans take longer, there is a price premium over the standard scan resolution.

For more information on scanning resolution and other scanning terminology, please refer to the Useful Information page.

Scanning Equipment and Software

We use professional quality scanners and software, including the top of the line Epson and Plustek specialty photographic scanners. These scanners have many built-in features, including infra-red dust and scratch removal technology to ensure high quality scans are produced. For post scanning processing and image enhancement we use the acknowledged industry standard software, Adobe Photoshop.

File Formats

We create scanned digital images in TIFF format. These images are then transferred to Photoshop for the post-scan image enhancement processes to occur. We then convert to JPEG format, which is the format we supply to you.

JPEG (or JPG) is the industry standard format used for digital images and is the format used by most digital cameras.

We process using TIFF as this is an uncompressed format and preserves more image information than JPEG during the enhancement process, producing overall higher quality images.

If you require the TIFF format images as well as the JPEG’s, we can supply these to you for a small extra cost.

Media Options

We will supply your digital image files on a choice of 3 media formats: CD, DVD or USB drive. The USB drive is suitable for devices such as digital photo frames.

A CD will hold 700MB of data and a DVD up to 4700MB or 4.7GB. The number of files stored on each disk depends on the resolution of the scanned images and the image file format. As a guide, A CD can handle up to 170 JPG images at standard resolution, a DVD up to 1200 JPG images at standard resolution and a 4GB USB Flash Drive, up to 1000 JPG images at standard resolution.

The scanned files and discs are yours to do with as you choose. If you wish to make copies of the discs, you will need the appropriate disc burning software and a CD/DVD burner drive installed on your computer.


Please refer to our Pricing page for details of our pricing. Our pricing offers value for money for the premier level of services provided. We also offer discounts for bulk amounts for 5x7 loose photos.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We're proud of what we do and we believe that you'll be happy with the results we produce. Specific results will vary based on the quality of the original materials but we're confident that we produce consistently high standards and stand by our work. If, however, you're not happy with the outcome, we'll work with you to resolve the problem.


Ordering is simple. You can place an order by downloading and printing our order form, pack up your photos and send these to us with your completed order form attached. Please see the How It Works page for more information.